New Baby Wine Labels

Celebrate the joy of new life!

The new mother will love the gift of a New Baby wine label, perhaps placed on a bottle of sparkling cider if she is not to be drinking wine. The labels’ verbiage is for babies who have already arrived. If your gift label is for a mother-to-be, simply request that the verbiage be revised for the anticipation of new baby. Whether it is a baby shower gift or a new mother gift, its personalization makes it very special!

Color variations for New Baby wine labels

Just ask, and a new color variation can be created. For example, you’ll see on the page for label number 002 ‘Precious Gift’ that 2 additional colors are shown in the section “Color Inspiration” (scroll down). These are just suggestions, however. Also note that labels 003, 004 and 006 are very similar designs and their colors can be switched out. Your preference is important and will be honored.