Congrats! Wine Labels

Celebrate transitions!

Say “Congratulations!” with a custom, gift wine label rewarding success! Engagement, graduation, new job… success may come in many forms, in life achievements and transitions, or love, or healing (because sometimes they are unexpected victories). It’s good to recognize life’s crowning moments and perseverance toward a goal. The reasons for recognition are as varied as people are unique. If you have a different need, let’s discuss it. Keep in mind that a label design can be used for a different occasion. For example Label 004 “It’s Party Time!” is identified as a bachelorette gift, but does not need to be limited to that category. Or, do you like the look of the “GOT THE JOB!” label? It could be “SHE’S ENGAGED!” The point is – don’t let the name be a limitation, designs can be altered! Find the one you like and talk to me about the possibilities.

Also, for the memories, the gift bottle can be kept as a memento for years (here’s how).