Gallery of Wine Labels

Celebrate life’s special occasions!

LifeInspires gift photo wine labels, as showcased in this “gallery” of designs, have been categorized around life’s very special occasions. We celebrate with those who are dear to us or it may be our own milestones and successes we happily celebrate.

In my years creating personalized wine labels, I have found the most popular to be those celebrating (#1) birthdays, (#2) weddings, followed by anniversaries and the holidays. But let’s not forget the events calling for more personal congratulations, such as a daughter’s graduation or her new job or her engagement, or your friend’s new home. And, crazy I know but there’s even a wine label for divorce (hey, it’s negative yet healing –some would say– humor)! Other wine label designs available from LifeInspires include New Baby, Corporate, and Retirement. Having said that, if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, then contact me please. If you have a need, there’s a good chance someone else does as well. It just may lead to a new category in this gallery.