Orders & Policies

Customer Service

In making your way to this website, you may have seen that there are other sources out there for custom gift wine labels, many designs, many prices. LifeInspires is not a print shop in some industrial sector, not a “label factory” cranking them out by the minute. I am a retired graphic designer who happens to enjoy this creative outlet, as well as this chance to design unique gifts. If you choose to order LifeInspires personalized wine labels, you will also have personalized service! I will work one-on-one with you, with ongoing communication to ensure that your wine label vision comes to life. If you’d like help with that vision – clear, foggy, or none at all – my job is to make it happen!

Please note the **VACATION SCHEDULE** on the Home Page. Before placing your order it’s recommended that you take a look at it. That’s because really the only time LifeInspires’ customer service may fall short is when I am on a vacation getaway… resting my eyes, contemplating new label designs, etc. Besides making wine labels, I love to travel!

Getting Started

Upon receipt of your order with your information for personalization, and once photos have been received and reviewed, I will email you to inform you that all is well and order is being processed. Or perhaps to inform you that your photo needs to be better resolution, etc. Learn more about photo requirements…


A digital proof in the form of a PDF file will be emailed to you. Unless I am away, I have the first digital proof to you within 24 hours of order placement, and most often within 4 hours for standard orders. If you request modifications, subsequent proofs will be emailed to you. You will have ample opportunity to ensure that I get it right, until you approve a final proof for printing.

Be aware that personalized wine labels are a custom item, designed and printed to order. It is the customer’s responsibility to proof for accuracy. (I have an eye for detail but I can get distracted like anyone!) Final printing is only with your approval of the digital proof.


Please be aware that colors viewed will vary, first of all from one computer monitor to another. And then the color process for web viewing is different from that of ink on paper; therefore colors seen online may differ slightly from final printed art. Finally, if you are choosing the Do-It-Yourself digital file option, just be aware that your home printer and mine (or at the service center you utilize for printing) – all may have slightly different color print settings.

Shipping/Time Frame

It’s always best to plan ahead when placing your order, allowing more than enough time for the transit of your labels. You’ll want to have time to spare before the actual date of your special occasion! Once the labels leave my hands, delays or losses by the postal service are beyond my control. At this time I will be accepting orders for delivery within the U.S. and Canada only.

Two Shipping Options:
1) ‘Standard’ – for USPS First Class mail with tracking. This is usually 3-4 days (United States) though is not guaranteed and has rarely been up to 6 days. Shipping time to Canada is longer, 10+ days. Shipping to Canada is without a tracking number.
2) ‘Express’ – Priority Express mail in the U.S. is usually NEXT DAY delivery* so long as I am able to have the package to the post office before 10:00 am Mountain time (where I am in AZ). *In some locations within the U.S. Priority Express Mail may be 2nd-day delivery rather than Next Day (for example, Monday to post office, Wednesday to you).

Please – BEFORE ordering Express shipping – make sure LifeInspires’ crew is not on vacation! Review the **VACATION SCHEDULE** on the Home Page. ALSO, if you must have NEXT DAY DELIVERY – please contact me BEFORE ORDERING so that I can confirm with the post office the time required to your city/town! (I’m told it has to do with distance from the post office).

A friend ordered labels for a party. She really got Customer Service! We spent the day applying labels at the vineyards.

A friend ordered labels for a quite-large party. We spent a day applying them on bottles at the winery. (Unless you live in my neighborhood, don’t ask!)