About the Team

Can there be a team of one?!

HalfMoonBayAt LifeInspires, yes. I am Cathy and I wear many hats: Cathy the Designer, Cathy the Label Printer/Trimmer, Cathy the Marketing & Sales Rep. And when I’m not attending to the label-making business, my hat is sometimes a helmet.

I’m a retired graphic designer living in Arizona. In 2016 I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area where I once worked for a firm that specialized in the design of wine labels and product packaging. Ever since then I’ve noticed visually-pleasing wine labels. In 2009 I decided to make my own unique gift for a friend’s birthday celebration, and that was the first of my label designs. Since then I’ve greatly expanded my gallery, and the expansion continues. What fun it’s been!

I had started out in the work force as a computer programmer. But something else tugged at me, and I was very fortunate to be able to go back to school in my early 30s, to follow what had always been my heart’s desire – art. My focus became graphic design. Now here I am, some (!) years later, retired and happily continuing along my creative path.

Why “LifeInspires”?

All art is life-inspired. I chose the site’s name strictly as an artist and before I’d focused on wine labels. Originally the inspiration was photography. “PhotoQuotes” were comprised of photographs (mine) and words of wisdom (others’). They were the basis for this initial site created as a fun challenge and creative outlet. The site focus and inspiration evolved from photography to the celebration of life’s special occasions, via gift wine labels! ThinkCan2L