About the Labels

Sometimes rather than Celebrate it may be more of a need to Honor, as with this unique label gifted to the grieving owner of a show dog.

Sometimes rather than Celebrate it may be more of a need to Honor, as with this unique gift wine label for the grieving owner of a show dog. The design is a derivative of the ‘New Home’ label.

Important Details About The Labels

PAPER STOCK – LifeInspires’ gift labels are printed on high quality, photo glossy, self-adhesive label stock. The paper has been pre-treated to not smudge or be affected by refrigeration. Each label is hand-trimmed. Your package will include instructions explaining how to cleanly remove your old label and apply the new.

Choose one of three options when placing order:

• Standard. Unless specified otherwise, front labels are 3″ wide by 4.25″ tall, and back labels are 2.25″ wide by 4″ tall.
MINI LABELS  for mini wine or champagne bottles. ANY label design can be purchased as a mini label. In the Option/Add To Cart section you will specify within Package: “Mini – Front Only” or “Mini – Wraparound”.
• Custom Sizing. To order a different label size, you will specify within Package: “Custom Sizing” when you place your order and you will include a note in the Label Info section. (A $10 one-time resizing fee is reflected in the pricing).

Photo Requirements

PHOTO CROPPING – LifeInspires sometimes uses Photoshop to adjust photos’ clarity, brightness, etc. If possible please do not pre-crop photos. It is best if there is space around subjects, for balance within the wine label’s photo frame. If you are taking photos of the birthday girl/boy ahead of time, allow room around them, ie, not “cropped” too tightly. Also, in an ideal situation an individual will be not too close to another person. But no worries, we’ll do the best we can.

PHOTO FILE TYPE AND RESOLUTION – File type to send is ‘.jpg’ or “.png”, with preferably a resolution of 250 dots per inch or better. If you are e-mailing photos that you’ve taken previously and don’t have a clue as to the resolution, then I’ll take a look at them. Be aware that if they are inadequate resolution/size ratio, they will not appear as crisp or clear. I will inform you if that is the case. If you’d like, I will show you in the size it would be printed and then the decision will be yours.

PHOTO OWNERSHIP – By submitting a photo to me you are confirming that you are the original photographer or hold written authorization from the photographer and/or copyright owner. LifeInspires will not be held responsible for copyright liability issues.